Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dealing with being overweight and doing something about it

I'm not ashamed to admit that I've been overweight for most my adult life. Actually I am ashamed to admit it.

If I'm honest I also have to admit that I was not very active when I was growing up in the danger signs were there all my life. Part of me blames my parents, but they lived in a different age where solid meals and nutrition was seen in a different way.

Part of the problem was junk food.

It became a comfort to me, especially after I was bullied at school for awhile and I don't think I ever really got over it. At times I find myself wandering to a fast food restaurant before I've even engagement brain, and if I'm looking at it honestly, it's usually in a situation where I'm having a bad day or I'm not in a great mood.

This is obviously not great in terms of having the right emotional state to be healthy.

I remember being bullied at school and it has stuck with me. I remember I was trying to be a cheerleader. Some of the other girls made fun of me wobbling, especially my thighs, and this had a damaging effect on me. What made it more damaging was that my parents got involved and it got to the stage where the school principal made everyone in the cheerleading team sign a letter of apology to me. This just made the whole situation far worse to me.

So I'm pouring my heart out here and I'm probably admitting that I've always had an emotional attachment to food.

After I graduated high school, I went out to work and are met my wonderful husband and had two children. However with that start in life and having a busy life and two children, it was inevitable that the weight would pile on to me.

It was recently that I decided to start serious research into health, nutrition and fitness and see what I could seriously do to turn my life around before it's too late. I love my kids I don't want to leave early.

I started journey which led to me finding a personal fitness coach and it's a journey which is leading to higher energy levels and freedom.

The first thing I've noticed is that my depression has left me. I know I have down times, just like everyone else, I don't have the crushing feeling of emotional sickness that I used to have. This has been a great benefit to me and anyone around me.

My self-esteem is also improved as I've lost weight, I am able to fit in is nicer clothes, and I'm not going to pretend I have noticed that my husband is paying more attention to me.

The key to all this has been to take it seriously. I looked at everything about health andfitness, cardiovascular exercise and core strength exercise. Looked at things like yoga and I tried a lot of things. I then took the next step of hiring somebody to help me with my personal fitness levels.

If any of this is resonating with you, then I urge you to take the first steps I did. It can change your life.

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