About My Fitness Journey

I'm brenda and I have strated this blog to help motivate me to keep running along my personal fitness journey.

Over the years I have gained weight and lost health.  I am sure many of you will relate to my story.  Kids, work, life.  My god don't talk to me about life!

Anyway, I decided after my birthday that my life had to change or I was heading for an early grave. So I started my journey by finding a great local physical fitness trainer and it went from there.

This blog will cover my fitness journey, my weight loss and my personal fight to get back to health and vitality after 20 years of not having as much as I would like!

Other than that, I am a wife, mother of two lovely boys, a sailor and a baker (not all at the same time...yet!).

So I hope you enjoy my new blog and that something of what you read becomes an inspiration to some of you as well.

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