Thursday, October 8, 2015

How I Found The Best Physical Fitness Trainer In The World!

I want to talk you bit about how I found my amazing physical fitness trainer, Colin.

It wasn't a case of stumbling into him one day, or plucking a phone number out of the Internet. I set myself the goal of finding the best personal trainer I could possibly find in my area.

People get a personal trainer to help them to reach health and fitness goals. These goals can be set by you, or your trainer, but they have to be realistic and you have to believe in them. A great physical fitness trainer will believe in them with you and help you to achieve peak performance.

My first piece of advice is to really take your time before you make any sort of final decision on the trainer you want to help you to get fitter. There is no hurry and after years of neglect what difference will a few more weeks gym-free make?

Understand the role of your physical fitness trainer

There's no point in grabbing a physical fitness trainer if you don't understand the exact role he or she will play in your fitness regime.

If you don't understand that role properly then it is a recipe for disaster. All that will happen is that you will end up not believing they are doing the right thing for you and a wall of resistance will come up.

Basically, your trainer will look out for you at all times and communicate well. They will help you to exercise safely and they will help you to do in the most efficient way possible.

They will act as a personal coach and motivator. You won't feel alone at any time, they will be right there with you supporting you, not staring at a mobile phone while you're on the treadmill.

They will constantly watch your technique and offer encouragement to improve yourself and the way you exercise.

Your personal trainer will closely monitor your progress and sit down with you to highlight the strengths and weaknesses you have. They will help you to shape your program as it develops based upon these.

On top of all that, they will offer you great advice on not only nutrition and diet, but also on your emotional health and how you can improve it to get the most out of the exercise regime you are in.

Always check their qualifications

My next piece of advice is always to check that your personal trainer has some sort of professional qualification.

They should also have an employment history, and preferably some certificates.

Depending on your country there will be official bodies they can be a part of, and they really should be if they are open and honest.

They should be a first aider and preferably have also covered the ins and outs of general good health, including nutritional education.

So always ask prospective personal trainers about the qualifications and experience they have. Don't be afraid to ask a lot of questions and if they don't give a lot of detail then be concerned.

My journey took a long time.

It took me six months and for trainers to find the person who was right for me.

The final thing I will say is that your intuition is a great tool as well. Even if somebody says all the right things and has all right qualifications, if they don't "feel" right to you then it's best to walk away.

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